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Don’t hold me to this…but

At this point I’ve got to put in a plug for Mayor Bloomberg and his transportation commissioner Janett Sadik-Kahn.  OK–I know the guy pretty much bought the election and is mostly on the side of big business(well–maybe completely on the side of big business!) but I like the stance he has taken in terms of the pedestrian mall in Times Square and I respect that he tried to enact the bridge and tunnel fee for cars coming into Manhattan.  When will these idiotic drivers ever think about anyone else but themselves?  Oh, and by the way, as an aside, I think they should keep raising the taxes on cigarettes, booze and sugary soda.  One of the reasons I stopped smoking and drinking is because of these taxes and I’m glad that I did.  And don’t believe that baloney from all those pathetic barfly’s and rummy”s who are singing the blues about “Unfair taxes” and the like.  They are drinking, eating and smoking themselves into an early grave and it is the tax payers who will most likely end up subsidizing their health care when their collective livers, lungs and hearts give.  With these taxes they are just paying for their health care in advance.

Anyway, getting back to the drivers who put my life in jeopardy every time I get on my bicycle.  What the mayor has done, and I really respect him for it, is that he has taken a principled stance with respect to urban space and has made a statement about the future of automobiles in the city.  If people insist on taking their gas belching vehicles  into the city they should have to pay for it.  Tax them.  Tax them.  Tax them.  Let them buy bicycles or take the subway.  And that goes for all those drinkers, smokers and over eaters who are whining about having to pay for their future health care problems.  Let them ride bikes!


About crazyflybikeguy

I got my first bike when i was six years old, a classic Schwinn with a lamp in front and streamers coming out of the handle bars. Over the years this bike evolved into a mustang style, prototype BMX style bike with a banana seat. I miss that bike as much as I miss my first and only dog. I've worked as a courier off and on over the years and continue to ride my bike 18 miles from my house in Mill Basin Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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