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Landed in Sandpoint

The one man caravan landed in Sandpoint late last night…more precisely, down by the railroad tracks; there I listened to the freight trains lumber by while I stared at the star filled sky. Way to the east I could see flashes of lightning, a portent of the storms and possibly, the forest fires to come. I ran into these to guys on my way toward Sandpoint:

Didn’t get their names (they were in too much of a hurry!), but the second rider actually stopped for a second when he thought I was in distress. Turns out they started in Washington DC forty-nine days ago and their plan is to ride on to Seattle and then all the way down to San Diego! Way to go Burley Bob! I should get Burley to Sponsor me on my next bike trip!
I also ran into a rather eccentric fellow outside of Missoula by the name of Don. He asked me not to photo either him or his bike. He described himself as a “retired Air Force flight engineer” who rides around the country with just ultralight equipment(sleeping bag, air mattress, tent and water bottle), only the clothes he is wearing(he washes them every night, or so he claims!); carries no food and claims to ride a hundred fifty miles a day. He also claims to have crossed the country four times and gone north to south and south to north along the continental dived(going south is easier, he claims, going north there are more hills). He represents a level of obsession that few can match. He claimed he was fifty-five years old!

More photos:

This last pic is of a magnificently colored and marked little bird I saw laying by the road side. He was alive but was in a state of shock. He probably got hit by a car windshield. Montana and Idaho have some many species of birds it is impossible for me to describe the multitudes of kinds of birds I have seen on this trip. I hope this little guy survived!

Well now it’s a couple of weeks of relative rest before I contemplate the ride back to Jackson Hole…This was a great ride… I’m looking like a hobo and the equipment is getting a little banged up(mostly me!), but I had a great deal of luck so far. Not too much shoulder on these roads and I’m pretty fed up with these RV drivers who seemed to think that the road was built just for their use(unlike the truck drivers who go out of their way to give me space when they can!) My hat’s off to the truckers, the greatest drivers on the face of the earth! Adios amigos and amigas!


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I got my first bike when i was six years old, a classic Schwinn with a lamp in front and streamers coming out of the handle bars. Over the years this bike evolved into a mustang style, prototype BMX style bike with a banana seat. I miss that bike as much as I miss my first and only dog. I've worked as a courier off and on over the years and continue to ride my bike 18 miles from my house in Mill Basin Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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