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Oops…the rubber band broke…

I’m back in Kalispell Montana. 20 miles out of town my rear wheel went “Ping!”…”Ping!” and I knew right away that this meant trouble. Two of the spokes snapped; one of them actually snapping the joint right out of the rim and leaving a gaping hole where the spoke would normally go. I’m lucky actually. I’m just amazed that I was able to ride the bike back to town without losing anymore spokes. Or without having to hitch a ride from one of those pick-up truck guys that always go whizzing by me.

Ah well. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky so far on this trip. The bike is in the shop getting repaired and I’m here at the library wondering if I can actually get from Kalispell to Jackson Hole Wyoming in six days. It’s about four hundred miles, but is actually longer if you are taking the side roads… stay tuned…


About crazyflybikeguy

I got my first bike when i was six years old, a classic Schwinn with a lamp in front and streamers coming out of the handle bars. Over the years this bike evolved into a mustang style, prototype BMX style bike with a banana seat. I miss that bike as much as I miss my first and only dog. I've worked as a courier off and on over the years and continue to ride my bike 18 miles from my house in Mill Basin Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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