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Jackson Hole Wyoming…

Back where I started six weeks ago. Not sure of the the total mileage but it has to be somewhere over 1000 miles. First off, it has come to my attention that there were some fears for my safety by some of my more well meaning friends after it was rumored that the escaped Arizona convict McClusky was lurking around the Glacier National Park area and might seek to snatch my bike and my identity after murdering me in the woods. Have no fear friends, the crazyflybikeguy has escaped this, as well as other adversities and is preparing for his return to NYC.
While we are on the subject of murderous felons, I recently came into possession of a can of pepper spray, ostensibly to be used on aggressive or dangerous bears or other wildlife. I must say it seems to me that the effectiveness of pepper spray as a deterrent to attacking bears is somewhat overrated. Even so, my experiences with the bear population of Glacier Park was much more cordial than my relationships with some of the humans. I suggest as an alternative that the rangers in Glacier and Yellowstone Parks instead issue the cans to the bears to be used on obnoxious humans who get too close with their cameras.
I will be uploading video and pictures of my travels when I get back to NYC. So long for now.


About crazyflybikeguy

I got my first bike when i was six years old, a classic Schwinn with a lamp in front and streamers coming out of the handle bars. Over the years this bike evolved into a mustang style, prototype BMX style bike with a banana seat. I miss that bike as much as I miss my first and only dog. I've worked as a courier off and on over the years and continue to ride my bike 18 miles from my house in Mill Basin Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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