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Wall Street

Are the sixties coming back? Or are we witnessing the beginnings of a genuine populist backlash against the wizards and con artists of Wall Street? Only time will tell. The massive police arrests in the last couple of days, plus some rather obvious complicity on the part of the mainstream media, especially the New York Times, would seem to stack the odds against this fledgling movement. Will Occupy Wall Street be co-opted by outside interests or infiltrated by cointelpro style infiltrators looking to destabilize legitimate dissent? It remains to be seen. Will the traders of Wall Street, who a few days ago stood smiling at the demonstrators while smugly toasting them with glasses of champagne, be chastened by a subsequent uprising of the people’s wrath at the poles, heralding a return to true democracy? Or are we witnessing another toothless children’s crusade like the late sixties that slowly dissipated and self destructed from within? Again, only time will tell. Hopefully, in the next few days I will be able to offer some insight as well as some pictures and video. Most of the demonstrators might be young, but after all, it is there future.


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I got my first bike when i was six years old, a classic Schwinn with a lamp in front and streamers coming out of the handle bars. Over the years this bike evolved into a mustang style, prototype BMX style bike with a banana seat. I miss that bike as much as I miss my first and only dog. I've worked as a courier off and on over the years and continue to ride my bike 18 miles from my house in Mill Basin Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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